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Eco and ethical t-shirts and clothing

Eco and Ethical information

As a part of our commitment to more sustainable living, we fully support customers the purchasing of ethical and organic T-shirts, Hoodies, polo shirts etc . To help make this a more affordable option, we subsidise these products by 10% and WRAPcarbon offset all of our orders by working with local tree planting projects.

Our products are clearly labelled to show which products are organic, ethical and comply with WRAP standards, to help you choose what is best for you!


We do not claim to be 100% eco–friendly but we do try to lesser our environmental impact and contribute to a more positive, sustainable future.

  • Our garment films are cut carefully, and off-cuts reused. This takes extra time but avoids unnecessary wastage and refuse.
  • Where possible, all office waste such as paper, cardboard garment film rolls etc are reused or recycled
  • We operate an almost paperless office – and cut down avoidable paperwork
  • We use energy efficient light bulbs and operate heat presses in an energy efficient manner
  • We are switching to recycled bags on orders
  • We carbon offset by planting trees in our local area!
  • Our marketing materials are also on recycled papers / boards, where possible.
  • Our embroidery cottons are eco-friendly
  • You will only find fair-trade tea & coffee in our staff room!
  • We are constantly searching for greener ideas and locally sourced products – if you have an idea, please get in touch!

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